How can you start the prenup conversation?

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Bringing up a prenuptial (prenup) conversation with your soon-to-be spouse can be challenging. How do you start the conversation without upsetting them? Won’t they think you are planning for a divorce before you are even married?

Below are four tips that can help you:

1. Don’t procrastinate it

The above-mentioned questions and more can make you keep postponing the prenup conversation. However, this may work against you. Telling your partner you are considering a prenup when the wedding is nearing can make them feel pressured to make a decision, which can be unfair. Your partner deserves adequate time to learn more about prenups and determine if they want to sign one.

2. Inform them it’s a precaution

Your future spouse should know you are not planning for a divorce but are taking a precaution by suggesting a prenup. Confirm to them that you will do your best to make your marriage work, but if it doesn’t, you will have a guide that can protect you from disputes during divorce and, in turn, protect your relationship. Let your partner know how the prenup can benefit both of you.

3. Understand your partner

Your partner may agree with your idea of signing a prenup, but they may also have opposing views. Listen to your partner and understand their perspective without interrupting or convincing them to change it. Request them to take time to learn more about the agreement.

4. Determine how you will address your differences

You and your partner should agree on how you will find common ground, as they may not share your views even after taking time to obtain more information. For example, you can discuss the matter further with the help of a therapist.

If you are preparing for marriage and are considering a prenup, get legal help to draft an agreement to protect your interests and those of your partner.