Keeping virtual visitation interesting for younger kids

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Child Custody |

Virtual visitation arrangements have become an increasingly common resource for co-parents who want to remain present in their children’s lives when they’re residing with their other parent. Keeping these digital encounters engaging for elementary-age children requires creativity, planning and a willingness to explore the possibilities of technology. 

Because the online world is evolving so rapidly, many parents are unaware of their capacity to transform virtual visits from mere conversations into interactive experiences. Engaging in activities that both a parent and child can participate in simultaneously, despite their physical distance, can help to ensure that this form of parenting time is an opportunity that both parent and child look forward to consistently. 

Going on adventures regularly

If you are the parent of a younger child, consider playing online games suitable for their age, taking virtual tours of zoos or museums or even watching a cartoon together while video chatting. These activities can make your virtual time spent together more dynamic and memorable.

You could also start a long-term project that you can work on together during your virtual visits. It could be as simple as building a storybook with drawings and narratives, conducting simple science experiments or creating a virtual scrapbook of your online adventures. 

As you start to plan more engaging ways to spend your virtual parenting time, keep in mind that consistency is key to maintaining a strong connection with your children. Establish a routine that includes regular and predictable virtual visitations. This consistency can help your children feel secure and valued. It can also make this time an expected and cherished part of their routine, rather than an occasional or random event.

Should you have any questions about integrating virtual visitation concerns into your enforceable parenting plan, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance. That is always an option, no matter what co-parenting challenges come your way.