Are you trying to sell an (allegedly) haunted house?

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Maybe you have been sharing space for years with some incorporeal roommates. No matter how well you may have cohabited with your ghostly guests, the time has come for you to put the home on the market.

Are you legally required to disclose to potential buyers that your house may be haunted?

What New Jersey law states

In New Jersey, there is no requirement for the seller to freely disclose that there is any type of paranormal activity associated with a property. Nor must they disclose suicides, murders or other types of psychological impairments that might have occurred at that address.

However, as with most legal matters, there is an exception to the law. Should the potential buyer ask outright about any of the above (including purported hauntings), the buyers must be truthful.

Why this is not necessarily a bad thing

While cohabiting with specters is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are many in the paranormal community who are looking to do just that. Finding a house with an actual ghost wandering around the rooms can be a potentially lucrative venture for anyone searching for a venue to operate as a haunted bed-and-breakfast.

Protect yourself legally

While full disclosure is warranted only when asked, it is always prudent to seek the counsel of an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of New Jersey real estate laws. Doing that can protect you from unwanted claims down the road should the deal sour or the buyers decide to pursue a lawsuit against you regarding the purchase of the property.