Why have fatal accidents increased in recent years?

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If you look back at historic fatal accident trends, it is clear that the roads have been getting safer overall. Fatalities peaked back in the 1970s and have trended downward since then, with a few exceptions. But even when fatalities have increased for a short time, they have returned to that downward trend. 

In recent years, though, these fatalities have been going up. One report noted a massive 16% increase in just four years, from 2018 to 2022. This could be another short-term trend, but it could also indicate an increased danger on the roads. Why is this happening?

Distracted driving

One reason is the increase in driver distraction. Now, drivers have always gotten distracted, but the combination of smartphones and in-car tech – like entertainment systems – has made this worse than it was in the past. 

Speeding drivers

Some reports also indicate that drivers have been breaking the speed limit more often in recent years, with a significant portion of fatal accidents happening due to speed and risky driving. Higher speeds make any accident more dangerous. 

Impaired driving 

Driver impairment also continues to be a major problem. Drinking and driving is an issue, but not the only one. Some drivers are also impaired by substances like marijuana. Others may be impaired by prescription drugs, in line with the opioid epidemic that is happening in the United States. 

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