A journey of emotion: Navigating the highs and lows of divorce

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As you probably know by now, divorce is a major transition that can be extremely challenging to cope with. Emotions on both sides may be extreme and unpredictable, possibly influencing your negotiations and decision-making.

You may anticipate feeling low about the end of your marriage but don’t be too surprised if you experience positive emotions, too. The thing is, your feelings, both positive and negative, might be more intense than usual and could affect the outcome of your divorce.

Don’t give in to the lows

Feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and loneliness often plague those ending a marriage, even when divorce is wanted. The loss of a familiar relationship, uncertainty about the future and potential impact on your kids can feel overwhelming.

It is natural to have these emotions, but don’t allow them to affect your divorce decisions. Seek professional counseling or therapy if you are struggling to cope with your grief.

Don’t let the highs sweep you away

Amidst the lows, you may also experience moments when you feel liberated or euphoric. As good as this may feel, it could leave you vulnerable to sudden and impulsive decisions.

Revel in the highs you may experience, but avoid making critical divorce or financial decisions until you have given matters careful thought.

Try to remember that divorce is not a failure. It is a life transition that can lead to personal growth and a bright future.

At the same time, do not trust the outcome of your divorce to chance. Learn about the legal side of divorcing in New Jersey and consider obtaining legal guidance to protect your rights.