Addressing machine malfunction accidents at work

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Different industries – construction, warehousing or manufacturing – often rely on machines to help workers get the job done easier and faster. Unfortunately, doing so negligently or without safety measures in place only exposes workers to increased risks of sustaining injuries from faulty equipment.

Identifying machine malfunction risks

There are several reasons why machines malfunction. Manufacturers can fail to conduct testing prior to selling their products in the market. Employers may not equip their workers with protective gear. They may also not provide training about proper usage, monitoring and maintenance. Further, they can be noncompliant with federal safety standards and operational requirements.

When these factors all come into play, the following hazards may happen. Workers may be:

  • Pierced by sharp or pointy edges
  • Electrocuted or burned by active wiring
  • Struck by loose pieces of equipment
  • Entrapped, suffocated or choked by moving parts

Depending on the nature of the job, some high-risk equipment can include forklifts, conveyor belts and other power tools. Injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises to severe sensory losses and other permanent impairments.

Workers must urgently seek medical assistance and inform their employers of their tragic situation. It will also be wise to secure proof that they suffered injuries while delivering work-related tasks. Then, they must speak with their counsel about options in filing for a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim.

Confronting malfunction with action

Workplace injuries require a thorough investigation to determine causes and liable parties. The process often becomes even more tedious when involved parties fight to reduce their costs. A determined representative can help fight back and protect workers’ rights. They can also guide workers in pursuing a product liability claim if circumstances warrant it. In effect, other workers may not have to endure a similar fate.