What common types of lawsuits do businesses encounter?

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With all of the different aspects of running a business in an interconnected economy, the owners are bound to find themselves involved in various business disputes from time to time. Some of these disputes can be resolved without resorting to legal action, but some will only be resolved through lawsuits.

Common issues in business lawsuits

Every business dispute is unique, just as every business is unique. Still, there are certain types of lawsuits that are more common than others, and there are certain business practices and legal issues that are more likely to lead to legal action than others. Some of the more common issues in these lawsuits are:

  • Employment discrimination: This could include age discrimination, disability discrimination, civil rights violations, pregnancy discrimination and other violations of employment laws.
  • Wage and hour laws: Employees must be paid minimum wage and must be paid overtime depending on their status as an employee.
  • Negligence: If employees cause accidents, the company may be sued for damages.
  • Breach of contract: Contracts with other businesses are necessary parts of most types of business. If one of the parties does not do what they are supposed to do under the terms of the contract, the result could be a breach of contract lawsuit.

Running a business in New Jersey can be time consuming and difficult at times. The difficulties can increase if businesses find themselves involved in various lawsuits. It is not something businesses like to think about or be involved in, but they are something that they need to be prepared for when they do occur. Experienced attorneys understand the various lawsuits that business can find themselves in and consulting with one could be beneficial.