How to cope with work while going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Divorce |

People in New Jersey who are getting a divorce might be worried about its impact on their job. As stressful as divorce can be, losing a job or hurting a career because of it can make the situation even worse.

Some people might think that it is not a problem if they have become workaholics in response to the divorce. After all, this allows them to be productive, and it distracts them from the divorce. Unfortunately, like all addictions, this is an unhealthy coping mechanism. Instead of pushing themselves harder and harder at work, people would benefit more from taking a few days off if they are able. They should also focus on developing new routines.

In some workplaces, talking to a supervisor about the divorce might be a good idea to explain why productivity is suffering. In other environments, this would be a mistake. The same could be true of talking to coworkers, who might respond well or not in a competitive environment. Seeking support from friends may be better. People may also want to consider examining the part they played in the marriage breakdown. If they can extend forgiveness and understanding to both themselves and their spouse, they may be able to move on in a healthier fashion.

One reason this can be important is that reaching some kind of emotional resolution may make the process of negotiating the divorce less difficult. Many people prefer to negotiate property division and child custody instead of going to litigation since it can be less stressful, less costly and less time-consuming. However, when people are angry or upset about the divorce, this can create issues during negotiation. Attorneys may help individuals with this negotiation process and assist in keeping them focused on the practicalities.