The 3 biggest strains on a marriage and how to address them

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No marriage is perfect, and every couple has their ups and downs. But how can you tell when a heated argument is pushing your relationship into divorce territory?

The survival of a marriage is dependent on countless different factors and will vary from couple to couple. However, according ot experts, there are a few common stains on marriage that can be more detrimental than others.


Money is a touchy subject, so it’s no surprise that couples with financial problems and debt have higher levels of stress and are less happy with their relationship. One study in the U.K. found that money problems negatively impacted about one in four relationships. Debt can place an enormous amount of fear and hardship on even the healthiest of marriages.

If you and your spouse are having arguments surrounding finances, there are a few actions you can take to address the issue. To manage your money and your marriage, you should both:

  • Be honest with each other about your purchases
  • Have some financial independence to spend on yourselves
  • Set aside some money to invest in your relationship


Creating a family is a wonderful and rewarding experience to share with your partner. But, according to the New York Times, multiple studies have shown that relationship satisfaction and happiness diminish when the first baby arrives. Everyone loves their kids, but there’s no debate that having children means less time alone together and more financial concerns.

Having a family doesn’t have to mean the end of romance. If your kids are putting stress on your marriage, it’s recommended that you both work to prioritize the following for your relationship’s health:

  • Physical intimacy
  • Commitment
  • Generosity for each other

Leisure time

A work-life balance isn’t just a trait you want in your career. Many couples report that a huge source of conflict in their relationship is the amount of housework versus leisure time they have. It can be draining to come from a long day of work only to focus on taking care of your kids or doing chores.

It’s essential to make quality time a regular part of your marriage for its success. People who spend quality time together frequently have better quality relationships. If you and your partner are struggling to make time for one another, you should try to:

  • Schedule regular date nights
  • Communicate and listen often
  • Tackle housework as a team

Overcoming the obstacles in your marriage might be easier said than done. But, with a little effort and teamwork, you and your spouse may be able to conquer these tough problems together.