Who is liable for a truck accident?

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Motor vehicle accidents between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle commonly result in devastating injuries for the people in the smaller vehicle. These accidents can easily cost a victim tens of thousands of dollars or more. After a crash, most people would assume that the truck driver is liable for the accident, but it is possible that another party is ultimately responsible for the cost of a victim’s recovery. To help ensure you are pursuing the compensation you need after an accident, here is a short list of parties who are commonly liable for a truck accident:

The driver

In many cases, the truck driver in an accident is liable for the crash. Speeding, driving while eating, using their phone while driving, driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or pills, and failing to properly load a vehicle can all lead to successful claims against a driver.

The employer

The actions an employer takes can cause them to be liable for your injuries. For example, forcing a truck driver to work long hours and causing fatigue, failing to properly train a driver, failing to review an applicant’s driving history (or overlooking it), and forcing a driver to speed to make an unreasonable delivery deadline can all result in liability falling on the employer.

The manufacturer

Sometimes, a truck accident can be the result of a defective product in the truck, such as brake pads or tires. When a truck part manufacturer failed to properly develop a truck part or recalls a known defective product, they may be responsible for any accidents that may have happened because of these parts.

The government

In rare cases, it may be possible for the government to be liable for a truck accident. When the road conditions are so poor that they cause an accident, the party responsible for maintaining the roads (the government) may be liable for the consequences of their neglect.

Do not rush into your claim

While you need to be sure you are acting in your best interests in a claim by acting swiftly, you also need to be sure you are filing a claim against the proper liable party. A lawyer can help you review your case and determine who you should file a claim against. With proper planning and directed focus, you can secure the outcome you deserve in your case.