Managing your emotions during a divorce

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Many people consider their wedding day one of the happiest days of their life. This is just one reason why divorce can be so emotionally devastating. Change is never easy, even if you know it is for the best.

What makes divorce so mentally and emotionally challenging is that you usually do not have the time to process and work through your thoughts and feelings before being bombarded with all of the divorce-related items you must now deal with.

The divorce process can quickly become overwhelming

Divorce involves making decisions on many major issues, including property division, finances and custody, if you and your spouse share children.

There are many steps you must take when handling each of these pieces of divorce, including information and documentation gathering and learning how you are going to move forward on your own financially.

However, that does not mean you should ignore your mental health during this time. In fact, consciously making time to focus on your mental health can help you regulate your emotions, which can help you make better decisions.

Engage in open and honest communication

You might want to cut off contact with your spouse, since seeing them can be too painful. While this is understandable, open communication typically results in a smoother divorce.

If speaking to your spouse directly or privately is just too much, consider communicating with a third-party present.

Consider mediation

Today, many divorces are resolved through mediation, rather than in a courtroom. A mediator can be a great third-party option.

Remember that your emotions are likely to vary. You can be cool and rational one moment and break down sobbing the next.

Don’t apologize for your emotions

Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions. They are legitimate. Take advantage of the calmer moments to work on divorce logistics and put these tasks on hold when you are feeling more emotionally vulnerable.

Use your support system. Friends, family, therapists and divorce attorneys are excellent resources and can provide you with valuable guidance through this complicated time.