Preventing parking lot injuries

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Compared with their awareness when crossing an intersection or driving on a busy street, people tend to drop their guard when they walk across a parking lot. But injuries often occur in parking lots.

There are several causes of slip-and-fall or tripping injuries in parking lot accidents. Property owners should routinely inspect parking lots and encourage their employees to report any problems requiring repair so these personal injury hazards may be addressed.

Poorly maintained concrete 

This leads to potholes, which create a tripping hazard. Potholes also collect water, which creates another slipping hazard in the winter after the water freezes into ice.

Property owners must repair potholes as soon as possible. Temporary measures include filling the pothole with gravel.

They should also quickly fix cracked or uneven pavement. Warning markings and cones must be used to provide notice until the repairs are finished.

Poor illumination

Pedestrians may not see potholes and other tripping hazards without good lighting. Proper illumination is also necessary to deter crime so that motorists may see pedestrians.

Wheel stops

Pedestrians may slip or trip over a cracked, crumbled, or misaligned wheel stop because it is easy to overlook these stops. In one case, a person died in an accident involving a wheel stop in a handicap access area.

Property owners need to mark tire stops with brightly colored paint. They should periodically inspect tire stops to ensure they are in a proper location and undamaged.

Snow and ice

Forty percent of all slip-and-fall accidents occur on snowy and icy surfaces. Snow and ice need to be removed as quickly as possible and before employees, customers, and clients arrive.

During harsh winter weather, property owners should continuously monitor parking lots and remove snow and ice.

Black ice is another problem. This occurs when daytime temperatures climb into the 40s and 50s and melted snow refreezes during the night.

Snow should be cleared in a way that prevents it from melting into sidewalks and parking lots. Applying coarse sand or oil absorbent to wet areas may help.

In addition to slip-and-fall and tripping accidents, pedestrians may be injured by vehicles and crime in parking lots. Attorneys can help accident victims seek compensation for their injuries.