What can I do to, hopefully, have an amicable divorce?

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Unless the split is initiated by some breach of fidelity or trust, most couples hope for an amicable divorce. Most New Jerseyans want a peaceful, or at least, non-contentious divorce. They simply want to start the next phase of their life in the best way possible. This leads many to seek out ways to have an amicable divorce.

Why not just let the lawyers sort it out?

First, think about why amicability should be preferred. Plainly, an amicable divorce is significantly cheaper, takes less time and helps maintain better mental health. Just think about the toll a divorce like Kelly Clarkson’s has taken on the kids, former spouse and on herself. This is a prime example of why amicable divorce is preferred.

Avoid the urge to fight

If a divorce is pursued, then obviously, the marriage did not work out the way either spouse planned. And, it is likely that both spouses, in some way, blame the other. Nonetheless, for an amicable divorce to work, neither party can blame the other, and when making decisions, this blame cannot be used to justify impasse.


Remember, divorce is a process, and patience can be key. This is because getting an accurate accounting of the marital estate, dividing that estate and determining co-parenting schedules is complicated and takes time. Divorce, even an amicable one, is a marathon, not a sprint. Though, with an amicable divorce, a divorce takes much less time.


Finally, when talks begin to break down or one feels the urge to fight their Roseland, New Jersey, spouse, think about the benefits of keeping the divorce amicable. For those with children, an amicable divorce helps ensure co-parenting peace and provides an example for the children on how to act. It can also help lessen the stress divorce has on children. Though, it also lessens the stress and negative mental health affects on the spouses in the divorce. And, since an amicable divorce maximizes the marital estate, both spouses will have their best chance to achieving post-divorce financial success.