School bus accidents a growing concern in New Jersey

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When New Jersey parents place their children on a school bus, there is an inherent trust that the driver and the company will adhere to the proper safety practices. Accidents, however, do happen and children can be injured and even lose their lives. This is made even worse when the accident was not due to unfortunate circumstances, but because of recklessness and illegal behaviors by the driver. Given the litany of physical, emotional, personal and financial problems that can arise if children are in a bus crash, it is important to be aware of how to ensure the bus is safe. If an accident does happen, it is imperative to know the available options.

Series of school bus accidents stokes worry and analysis

A third school bus accident within one month involving one company occurred in Lakewood. In the latest crash, the other vehicle went through a stop sign and hit the bus at an intersection. There were 30 students on the bus at the time. The company had another accident two days before. In that accident, it is believed that the 58-year-old driver had a medical problem leading to him driving the bus onto a lawn. In mid-September, a school bus initiated a five-vehicle crash as the driver was believed to have been driving recklessly and committing illegal acts by following too closely and racing.

This specific company is a major bus contractor for state schools. USA Today Network analyzed private bus services in the state and found that there was a major lack of oversight into their operations. Education officials did not penalize them for safety incidents even if they happened repeatedly. The Lakewood mayor stated that the sheer number of children that are being transported makes it a challenge to keep a close watch on contractors and drivers. Greater focus on safety and vigilance will be a primary objective.

After a school bus accident, it is wise to have assistance

Parents should cognizant of school bus accidents and dangerous behaviors that may be causing them. Personal injury, medical costs, long-term care, therapy, rehabilitation and more can result from a school bus accident. After a crash, parents need to have assistance in accruing evidence and determining what happened. If the accident was because of the school bus driver’s behavior or a contractor not ensuring qualified and conscientious people were hired to transport children, it could be essential with determining how to proceed. From the beginning, having professional guidance is key.