Amusement park risks and injuries a rising concern in New Jersey

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For many New Jersey residents, amusement parks are a pleasant diversion for themselves and their families. There can be a great amount of enjoyment by going on the rides and taking part in the available activities. However, that does not eliminate the risk. Even with safety rules and regulations, accidents can happen causing injuries and even fatalities. The park itself is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, repairs and basic safety of its rides. When there is an incident and people are hurt, it can be costly in myriad ways.

Safety issues are stoking fear about amusement parks

Six Flags Great Adventure is a major attraction in New Jersey. With its roller coasters, bumper cars, boat rides and more, people can spend a pleasant and memorable day. Still, there is a substantial level of trust that the rides are checked for safety. Sometimes, that trust is violated. A known roller coaster has had nine accidents in the past three years. That roller coaster has been shut down and it is not known when it will be operating again. There have been 13 incidents at the park since March. Two others happened at a waterpark that is also overseen by Six Flags.

In one, a person stated she was suffering from back pain after being hit from behind on a bumper car ride for children. Two boats crashed into each other and two people were injured. A boy injured his head on one roller coaster and a person passed out on another and only came to after emergency responders removed the rider from the ride. The number of accidents and incidents has surpassed the total for 2019. This is especially worrisome considering how the current health situation has reduced the number of people who are visiting amusement parks. These parks are subject to state oversight and violations result in citations. For example, worn parts on rides resulted in 187 violations from 2018 to 2021. Seventy-five were for maintenance and repair issues.

Those injured in an amusement park should know their rights

On average between 2017 and 2019, there were nearly 35,000 amusement park injuries across the U.S. People can suffer personal injury including brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts, bruises, lost limbs and even lose their lives. This can lead to medical treatment, long-term injuries and problems returning to their normal lives. These facilities are responsible for the safety of their guests and when they are derelict in that duty, they should be held accountable. Having assistance with weighing the available options is essential.