Importance of high-visibility clothing while motorcycle riding

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Most drivers have experienced near-accidents, often because the vehicle the driver almost collided with was in a blind spot. If drivers can narrowly miss hitting cars that are similar in size to their vehicle, then drivers can collide with motorcyclists in the same way.

One easy way for motorcyclists to increase their visibility on the road is by dressing in more colorful and reflective attire. Thankfully, if you are unable to find something that suits your taste at your favorite motorcycle store, there are endless options online these days.

How accidents happen

You aren’t alone in feeling like high-visibility gear can ruin your aesthetic. But there are studies to show that bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing can help you establish a stronger presence as you ride alongside larger motorists.

In fact, research shows that:

  • Motorcyclists who wear high-visibility or fluorescent gear are nearly 40% less likely to crash
  • Only 25% of all motorcycle crashes happen between other motorcyclists
  • Car-motorcycle crashes mainly happen because the car driver can’t spot the motorcycle amongst traffic

Basically, no matter if you hit the freeway or city streets, when there are other cars around it only makes sense to dress more brightly.

How to dress instead

Even if flashy clothing isn’t your go-to style, there are plenty of ways to incorporate color into your riding attire. One cheap, low-commitment option is a yellow or orange vest with reflective stripes. A vest allows you to be more noticeable on the road, and its mesh material makes it breathable for the summer. Plus, since a vest is easy to slip on and off to take off, it doesn’t have to ruin the outfit you had planned for the day.

Even wearing clothing, a helmet, boots or gloves with high-visibility aspects can make a difference. You can also add reflective tape to helmets, boots or your bike rather than investing in new ones. Essentially, you don’t have to dress like a highlighter for drivers to see you a little better.

Making the most of New Jersey’s motorcycle season can start with what you choose to wear.