Why Claimants should negotiate with insurance

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

After being in a car accident on New Jersey roads, a driver must navigate the complicated maze of dealing with the insurance company. This is not always easy as the insurance company has its own financial interests to uphold. Namely, they want to pay as little as possible so they can make as much money as they can.

For individuals having to file a claim, they may end up with less than they deserve because they do not know the full value of their claim. One thing that is certain is that the insurance adjuster is in the know. It is reflected by the fact that the first settlement offer the insurance company makes is almost always for less than the claim is worth. However, one who has not done the research is unaware that they are being shortchanged.

The first thing that someone needs to do when they file a claim is research. Then, knowing how much their vehicle is worth, they should counter when then insurance company tries to give them less than it is worth. They should do this in writing and provide all of the necessary documentation that the insurance company would need to understand the claimant’s position. In addition, they should go high on their own claim to give themselves some room to negotiate with the insurance company.

If this sounds like a hassle, it is because it is difficult to go through the claims process. One way to avoid this headache is to hire a personal injury lawyer. The attorney deals with this type of situation frequently and knows how insurance companies operate in their daily business. The lawyer may advise their client when the insurance has made an offer that is in their best interest to accept in order to avoid trial.