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Roseland, New Jersey Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

In the process of preparing for marriage there are many things to consider. The assets and property you own should be protected. It may be uncomfortable to think about the possibility that your newly formed union may end in divorce. However, you could potentially lose some of your assets if your marriage ends in divorce, or death. It is essential that you hire an attorney to draft a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage if you have substantial assets.

The law offices if Philip B. Vinick in Roseland, New Jersey, conveniently located in Essex County just off Route 280, prides itself in resourcefulness and experience in these legal matters. Attorney Vinick can draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect your assets during the course of your marriage, and afterwards. You need to know your rights when there is a substantial difference in your net worth compared to that of your partner. To start this process, contact the law offices of Philip Vinick.

Attorney Vinick is a knowledgeable attorney that stays abreast of changes in law regarding prenuptial agreements. It's important that your agreement falls within the guidelines of the law.

Please contact our office today to speak to attorney Vinick. His office has extensive experience drafting these prenuptial agreements. The office number is 973-577-6056